Makaton Sign Language Programme:

We are raising funds to train 10 of our volunteers the Makaton language programme to help them communicate with special needs. Follow our campaign on Crowdfunder! 

We are launching a new project is to raise funds to teach 10 of our volunteers the Makaton language programme. Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols designed to support communication for those that find this difficult. Makaton is used with speech in spoken word order to help development and is easier than British Sign Language. You can learn more about Makaton here.

Why Makaton? Some of our prospective students have difficulty in verbalisation and so have been taught the Makaton system of sign language. In order for us to communicate with these new students, we need to understand and be able to communicate back in Makaton. Therefore this training is essential. 

We are looking to follow the Beginners' Workshop which covers Stages 1-4, vocabulary and 4 modules. While varying in delivery, it may be over 2 days or 4 sessions (2 hours and 45 minutes each) over a number of weeks. The goal of £840 is to cover the costs of the training as well as supporting manuals for each of the trained students and volunteers.