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Matthew's Blog 13 March 2017

Posted by STEPS STEPS on Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Hi all,

Welcome back to the Steps for the Future Blog. There is a lot of news to get through, so let's get started.

The dance class is going well, over the last few weeks we have been rehearsing for the performance at the International Women's Day (held on 11 March 2017), which we have now done and it went rather well.

My voluntary job with 1623 Shakespeare Company has now come to an end.

Now for some sad news, we have officially ended the drama class for now due to a lack of students after Chloe decided to leave to try something new.  So Maggie and the remaining two students (me and Bridget) decided it was for the best to disband the drama class.

As far as my Quad Gallery work goes, I haven't been recently as there is currently no exhibition.

As for the music class, I don't really know what is happening at the moment as I do not often attend this class.

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