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June 1, 2016
Apologies for not updating this blog site for a while, but we have been having some problems with the website, now happily fixed we hope...

The students,staff and volunteers were all preparing for the "Steptacular" on June 18th at Deda (see the other pages for details)  Thank you for your support for this event and the Charity and the students for this event, it makes all the hard work and practice worthwhile.

We are hoping to start adding more blog entries in the next week or two, so keep on looking!

Spring Festival at The Cathedral

May 28, 2014
Wow! Thank you so much everyone who came along to our Spring festival and made it such an amazing night. Many, many thanks to  Spondon ukulele band, Hadari choir, Lee Hunter of Absolute Salsa, the clowns of the CDP youth theatre and Rev. (and clown) Andy Trenier who all performed magnificently and helped make the night a roaring success. As for the Steps for the Future students, well, weren't they just incredible? They really were the stars of the show and without them, none of this would be ...
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New Videos, New events!

February 20, 2014
Hi there,

We have a full video of the St Peters Church event on YouTube.

There will be snippets of the video available soon on this website in the videos section.

We also have a new event in the pipeline on Saturday 17th May. Details still to be confirmed but so far it will be held at Derby Cathedral and is bound to be amazing.

We shall keep you posted regarding the events and everthing else 'Steps' related.

Bye for now xx

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Steps For The Future News

May 29, 2013
Hi Everyone,

    It's been a while since the last blog so we thought we would inform of what has happened and is happening with regards to Steps For The Future.

    As some of you may well know we have moved our dance class to St Peters Church. The room is amazing and the space we now have there has led to students creating some inspired and creative routines and dance moves, (most notably Tom's Swing Jazz routine!) The staff at the church have been wonderful and extremely helpful, making the t...
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May 20, 2012
Hi everyone and welcome to the brand spanking new ‘Steps For The Future’ website. We’re all so happy with the site and really hope you enjoy it too! For anyone who already knows about ‘Steps’ feel free to drop us a message and let us know what you think of the site or anything else ‘Steps’ related. Anyone who doesn’t know about us take a look around this beautiful website which has all the information about what we do, where we do it and when we do it and feel free to message ...
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