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Posted by STEPS STEPS on Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Hi Everyone,

    It's been a while since the last blog so we thought we would inform of what has happened and is happening with regards to Steps For The Future.

    As some of you may well know we have moved our dance class to St Peters Church. The room is amazing and the space we now have there has led to students creating some inspired and creative routines and dance moves, (most notably Tom's Swing Jazz routine!) The staff at the church have been wonderful and extremely helpful, making the transition to the new room easy for us and the students and we have settled in comfortably!
    Since the class has moved we have had a couple of guest teachers to help the students with some new dance styles. Jo came along to teach the students (and some of the Volunteers) the Waltz and Lee has been down to get the students dancing to some Salsa. Hopefully Jo and Lee plus many other dance teachers will be coming down to the classes in future to help the class explore new styles and improve on the classes already awesome dancing skills, especially with our new event in the pipeline...The Breakfast Dance.

    Yes the ball is most definitely rolling on the upcoming 'Breakfast Dance'. We have a confirmed date of Saturday 10th August and we have confirmed a venue which is outside the Derby Cathedral. We still have to sort a band out and a few more minor details but everyone here is getting really excited about getting all dressed up and having a good dance. Hopefully the weather will be a lot better by then!

    We'll keep you all posted on the events, classes and everything else soon!

Bye for now! xx

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