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Matthew's update 5/10/2016

Posted by STEPS STEPS on Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Sorry for not  being on for a couple of months.  All groups have been going very well.  Dance has had a change round a bit.  Firstly, we have moved back to Alice Street Community Centre and second, the student jobs have changed round a bit.  Steps also went to Duffield to do a show.

The dance class has a new student call Jordanne start the group and a big welcome back to Katie who has been off for a while.  A bit of sad news, Jennifer Cooper one of the people who helped create Steps has had to leave the group because she has moved too far away to come.  She will be greatly missed.

The drama piece we are working is coming on wonders as well, and, finally, as far as I know, the music class is going great as well.

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