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Do you want to get fitter or lose weight whilst having fun?
Would you like to learn about healthy eating?
Are you keen to improve your health, feel great and more confident?

If the answer to any of these is YES then the Steps for the Future Health and Wellbeing Club is for YOU.

The Health and Well-being sessions are run by Steps for the Future in partnership with Livewell. Class Leaders, who are students at Steps for the Future, help run the sessions with volunteers. The sessions are for anyone who wants to learn about a healthy lifestyle, but may prefer not to go to a mainstream health and fitness club. Our goal is to encourage regular exercise, healthy eating and other lifestyle choices that promote health and wellbeing.


There are 3 main parts to the Health and Well-being group.

1  Movement to Music  This includes dancing, singing as well as a warm up, cool down and stretching.
1  Movement to Music
Gentle movement including free dance, singing and more traditional exercise and stretching.

  Learning about a Healthy Lifestyle
Health and wellbeing means a whole lot more than just healthy eating and drinking. It’s about:
  • How we’re feeling about ourselves,
  • How much sleep we’re getting,
  • How much fun time we make for ourselves with our friends and family,
  • Finding ways to de-stress and relax
  • Finding a sport or activity that we enjoy to keep our mind and bodies fit.
  • Being outside for 20 minutes in the fresh air everyday
  • Making sure we get enough water into our body. 
All these help to create a healthy mind, body and soul that improves our overall health. Creating tasty meals using lots of fresh fruits and vegetables gives our bodies the energy we need to live life to the full. These foods are nature’s medicine, they have many healing benefits. 
By limiting processed foods and sugar our taste buds can learn to appreciate the abundant flavours of all the foods nature has to offer.
Post written by Rosie, our former volunteer with a dp in 
Above: Rosie shows Manjit how to make a delicious and healthy smoothie. 
This part of the club also looks more widely at what makes up a healthy lifestyle, such as why sleep is important, relaxation exercises and the importance of a varied and balanced life for health and happiness.

The Gym

When you join the Health & Wellbing club, you will be issued with a Livewell pass (after induction to the gym), which allows you to use any of Derby City Council's Leisure centre gyms. They are Queen's Leisure Centre, Springwood (Oakwood), and Derby Arena. 
For more details contact us. 
There is a range of different exercise equipment in the gym. You could get a great cardio work out using the cross-trainer (as Sarah is here on the left). There are also stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and weight resistance machines.

Left: Manjit uses the rowing machine
Below Left: Working out on the treadmill
Below: David builds muscle

When do we meet?

We meet every thursday at 10 am and the session continues until 12 noon.

Each session is £7.50.

Where are we?

We meet in the Livewell suite at:

Queen's Leisure Centre,
Cathedral Road,
You don't have to be a current student of Steps For The Future to take part in the Health and Wellbeing workshops, so if you would like to join us we would love to see you there.
Please download and fill in an application form and return it to us by either email or post. 
How We Began 
In 2017, Steps For The Future, held a presentation ceremony at Queens Leisure Centre and presented a cheque for £800 to Livewell to enable 10 Carers to have a one year pass to attend Derby Arena gym, Springwood Leisure Centre as well as Queens Leisure Centre. This money was raised with lots of donations from the Dementia Society, NCS, Derby County FC, Boots the Chemist and others.
To learn more about our Health and Wellbeing club, visit our Facebook page.

How to Join
If you would like to join us at the Health and Well-being Club then please fill in an application form. Either download the Word document (.doc) or the .pdf document below.
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If you want to complete the document online, you can and then email it to us at: or, alternatively, you can print it out and complete it manually and post it to us at:

Steps for the Future
95 Nottingham Road

Please note:  We take good care of your information and won't share it with any other companies. 

Steps For The Future is a registered charity in the UK (1144198).