Help us save our club! We are raising funds to continue our Health & Wellbeing club for adults with differences.

Unfortunately as a small charity with a focus on an ongoing project we do not receive as much support as other charities. Because of this, we need extra funds to ensure the continuation of our Livewell Health & Wellbeing club. We need to raise the money to provide these places to all who want to join our club. The money will help provide staff and administration for the club, resources and free places for the less well off. 

Health & Wellbeing is an important part of a happy life - please support us to offer this to all who want to be happy, healthy and active. Our Health and Wellbeing club promotes independence and fitness through dance, gym introductions, singing, learning healthy eating, height and weight measurements and, of course socializing.

It would be a tragedy if we have to close! Follow our project here!